3D Printer Filtered Chamber heater kit

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Chamber Heater parts kit for 3D printers running Klipper - Voron, Ratrig, Creality, Prusa
For those wanting to print with advanced materials in an enclosure, sometimes you want to be able to heat your enclosure to get a better printing environment for better printing and to prevent warping. Our testing shows that we are able to heat up a printer enclosure up to 60c in 15 minutes.

This kit includes key parts to set up a chamber heater. You are responsible for attaching, wiring, and firmware modification.

Our chamber heater mod is designed to fit onto a 120mm fan mount with 105mm spacing and is compatible with all Clearview Enclosures including our Voron upgraded enclosure, Prusa i3, and several other enclosures. Our housing is designed for a quick and easy external mounting and recirculates the air inside your enclosure.

The easy setup simply connects to a DC power supply and requires no wiring with your printers control board. This is a fast setup that allows you to turn on/off the heater with a simple external switch. For best results you would switch on prior to printing to bring the chamber up to temperature then switch off for printing.

The advanced version includes a relay that allows you to add in a relay and control the chamber heater from Mainsail or Octoprint.

Here is what is included:
PTC Heater 150w
120mm Fan x1
NTC 100k thermistor
100C Thermal Fuse
Hepa filter
24v Relay (for the advanced version)
Housing printed in ABS

Here is what you will need:
A UL listed 24v DC power supply that is good for 10 amps

The user is responsible for ensuring this mod is applied safely and to ensure good operation. We are not liable for damages or losses due to improper setup and any other environmental factors that could result in damages.


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