Clearview 5kg 3D printer spool holder Enclosure

Material :

Clearview's Print farm spool enclosure is designed to hold "plus sized spools up to 5kg in weight. For those looking for a commercial grade solution with a design )that won't affect your print quality because of the heavy weight) this enclosure will be the right fit for you.


The difference that makes the difference

The Clearview 5kg spool holder has more purpose and function than it's initial intention. The heavy spools carry lots of mass, drag, and momentum so we found that extruders often times weren't strong enough to pull the filament from the spool and we were getting under extrusion. So we designed a spindle mount to get smoother rolling and less resistance. That however presented another problem, the spool could be tugged and excessively roll filament off (resulting in possible tangles) We came up with an additional dampening pad that allows the spool to spin freely, but not excessively. This is the difference that makes the difference.



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