Desktop CNC Enclosure Dust Collection Kit


Clearview's Desktop CNC Enclosure. Designed and made in the USA with an easy to assemble set over the top design, dual front door access, dust collector connection, and options for laser filtering amber paneling. This enclosure is a set over design made with optically clear acrylic panels. With a new, taller height of 16" this enclosure is designed to fit the next desktop CNC machines. The kit includes panels, brackets, hardware,  and a 2.5" exhaust port to connect to your exhaust line (dryer hose). 

Here is why you want an enclosure...
This enclosure is an absolute must for a desktop CNC. The companies are selling these Machines without enclosures because it is a difficult, expensive addon. CNC machining produces lots of dust, soot and fumes that you don't want to breath in. More so, if you are cutting into paint, wood with stain or sealants, or other substrates you are producing dust that you don't want to breath in. Even natural materials like non treated wood contain stuff you don't want to breath in regularly. An enclosure is designed to contain the dust and soot and more so, adding an exhaust port is the best way to contain the fumes. If you are planning to use your CNC indoors, this is a necessary upgrade.

Here is what to expect...
This kit is designed to fit most desktop machines with an approximate 40x40cm print area. As long as your CNC fits inside the dimensions it is likely that it will work. Please do understand that with a universal solution you may need to do some of your own modifications for the controller, wiring, and spoilboard. Your CNC will sit inside the enclosure. You may consider ways to secure your CNC to your table. Optionally, you can also affix your enclosure using the brackets in the enclosure. 



  • GENEROUS DIMENSIONS of 32" wide x 24" deep x 16" tall (78.75cm x 60 cm x 40.6 cm) offers space on all sides to allow full articulation and about 1 of additional clearance on top of the stock laser at full height.
  • EASY SETUP - Your Laser doesn't need any part replacement modifications to set up. You only need a screw Phillips Screw driver to assemble.
  • DUAL ACCESS DOORS - Access is easy with magnetically latched front and top mounted access doors. 
  • EXHUAST PORT - Nearly Silent USB powered fan exhaust connects easily to a 4" drier line to remove smoke and fumes.  Do understand that the USB fan has limits and we encourage you to set up a larger inline vent fan if you are burning heavy loads.
  • LASER FILTERING PANELS - Optional Laser Filtering panels can be upgraded to partial or full amber panels (OD3+ filtering at wavelengths up to 520nm)
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE PANELS - 1/4" (6mm) panels are standard for a more robust enclosure with premium feel with much less flex and panel sag. 
  • OPTIONAL DUAL CHANNEL USB LED LIGHTING KIT - This plug and play lighting kit uses premium aluminum extrusion that is easy to mount with preinstalled adhesive and fool proof setup with simple male/female DC adaptor cords. At just 5 volts, these lights are bright enough to light up your project, yet super efficient. 



A built in fan exhaust port is built to use common 4" dryer hose, is nearly silent, and is USB powered. Additionally, we built in plenty of access to this enclosure. The dual door design offers generous top and front access to your laser bed. Lastly we added 18" wide slots on the front and back panels to slide oversized substrate through the enclosure. This special feature is sometimes found on large commercial CO2 lasers. It allows your to easily slide your sheet substrate through the enclosure so you can tile jobs to create a job with an infinite length.

We have a few different kit options planned so people can match their budget and addon features.

Panel Grades
✅Standard Duty - Uses 1/8" Acrylic Panels. These make an easier light weight, economical enclosure.
✅Commercial Grade - Uses 1/4" Acrylic Panels.  STRONGLY RECOMENDED The thicker panels have a premium feel and are much stronger.



Kit Options
✅Printed Parts Kit - If you own a 3D printer you can print your parts kit using common filaments like PLA, PETG, or ABS. If you cannot print your own parts, you will need this kit for your enclosure.
✅Pick Your Panel Thickness Grade - We offer 2 panel thicknesses. 1/8" is the more economical option. Our 1/4" commercial grade panels are a recommended upgrade and will reduce noise, has much better rigidity, and has a premium durability.
✅Laser Filtering Panel Upgrades - We offer our Panels in 3 configurations. Clear acrylic (No Laser Filtering), front and half top panels upgrade, or full Laser Filtering upgrade. Our Laser filtering panels are OD3+ at wavelengths up to 520nm.
✅High Capacity USB Powered Carbon Filter- Our High Capacity Carbon filter uses a near silent USB fan to power the filter, 1 full pound of granulated carbon media. If your printer is in an area where you can't exhaust your smoke, this is your best bet to reduce fumes and filter the smoke.
✅USB Lighting Kit - Our USB connected Lighting kit uses 2 bright lit LED strips, encased in aluminum channels, and has a super easy adhesive corner mounts.

Who We've Worked With

3d printer enclosures for business, education, universities.


About Clearview:

Neil Henderson here, Owner and Head Designer at Clearview Plastics. My shop is a California based artisan design studio that builds our enclosures in house, in Sacramento California. My enclosure are professionally CNC cut for accuracy with parts specifically designed for our artisan project. This isn't ordering from Amazon. When you order through us, you with with me, and out relationship comes with my genuine appreciation and personal skilled help.

~~Q&A updates~~

Will your laser master 2 enclosure allow enough vertical space to use the rotary too also?

Here is how to strategize your enclosure. The height of the enclosure is 10" This will give about 2 inches of clearance with the laser at max height on a stock LM2 pro. The most economical way to fit in the rotary is to build it from under the spoilboard of your print surface.

Do you Ship internationally?

Yes. The shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout. We ship using USPS/UPS/Fedex with an HS code of 8538.10. Shipping prices with express shipping services often cover import fees and bonds however additional fees, VAT, and other tariffs maybe charged. 

What is your timeline?

We will have a 30 day lead time or less on the initial offering of the Laser Master 2 Enclosures on the first 30 order. Remaining orders we are focusing on delivery for the Christmas market. For this, we will ship orders by December 1st.  We are a small, artisan shop. We are super appreciative of your support and we ask that your exercise patience with us as our production queue is already pretty crazy with 3D printer enclosures. Trust in us that we are committed to making your enclosure work great!

Do the Laser Filtering Panels make the laser safe to look at?

No. Independent testing shows the laser filtering panels block wavelengths up to 520nm (desktop Diodes operate at 445nm). However, it is never safe to look directly at the laser. Proper eye protection should be worn when you laser is in use. If you need and enclosure that meets ANSI, ASTM, or OSHA guidelines please contact us.

Does the enclosure have an exhaust port to clear smoke and fumes?

Our enclosure includes a USB powered Fan and is great way to keep the smoke and smell contained. The powered fan that is included will help a hobbyist reduce the fumes when you use a 4 inch exhaust hose outside. The USB fan is designed for casual hobby use. If you are burning large jobs or sensitive materials you may need to add an inline vent fan to your exhaust for more air circulation.

Do you Make an enclosure for other models than just Ortur LM2?

Yes, we offer 2 versions, the LM2Pro relocated the controller to the front panel. The non pro version omits the controller mount and is designed to fit all other 4040 lasers. Please measure your laser engraver and be sure that yours will fit with at least a 1/2" of clearance on all sides.

Have a different laser engraver or desktop CNC? We make enclosures for several printer models. Just ask!

This listing is for the Clear acrylic panels, hardware, and printed parts to enclose your Ortur or Similar Laser Engraver. Laser engraver not included.



What is your return Policy?

We have a 30 day return policy. Unused, undamaged panels that still have the masking fully attached are eligible for a full refund less return shipping. If panels are damaged (after shipment) or the protective mask layer has been removed, we cannot offer a refund. For best results in ensuring fitment and to ensure you like the setup of our enclosures consider at least partially assembling with the mask on. If you find out it isn't for you, this allows to get the return for a full refund.

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