RatRig Minion 3D Printer Acrylic Enclosure


The Clearview "Snap" Enclosure is the way to make the perfect 3D printing environment. We've developed a new enclosure platform for the Minion that uses easy snap together panels. Like the minion it is intuitive and performs great. Our enclosures quiet a noisy printer, create better prints, and reduce fumes created the printing process. 

✅This enclosure is tailor fit and designed around the RatRig Minion.
✅Dimensions 19"" Wide x 19" Deep x 19" Tall.
✅The panels are CNC cut for a precision fit.
✅The optional 1/4 Commercial grade panels have a premium feel and function.
✅The optional USB powered carbon filter has significantly higher capacity than filters that only use charcoal coated scotch-brite pads.

 Main Features:

✔PRINTING ENVIRONMENT - A dustless, self heated chamber for better printer performance.
SIMPLE ASSEMBLY - Snap together design that assembles in minutes.
PSU PORT - The external Power supply stows away neatly outside to stay cool with a grommet passthrough for wiring.
ACCESS DOOR - A generously sized, hinged door with 3D printed magnetic door stops.
CABLE MANAGEMENT - A wide rubber grommet allows wiring to pass through neatly.
STACKABLE DESIGN - Stack 2 or 3 enclosures high to give your print farm a great look.


    Each print enclosure is designed and built in house in Sacramento California by people that understand 3D printing and are skilled to make your printing experience great.

    We have set up a few buying options to fit your needs:

    1. Enclosure kit - Includes all the parts you need to setup your enclosure including hardware, printed parts, magnets, and commercial grade acrylic panels.
    2. Enclosure kit with Feet - Includes the enclosure kit above plus a set of 4 vibration dampening feet we developed to help dissipate vibrations that travel through floors and walls.
    3. Enclosure kit with Carbon Filter - Our carbon activated air filter is nearly silent, air scrubbing filter that reduces fumes and smells from printing in doors for those in sensitive environments.
    4. Panels and hardware Only + You print parts: This option is great if you want to print in your own colorway. We'll send you the panels and hardware (screws + magnets) and STL file for you to print the parts.

    Who We've Worked With

    3d printer enclosures for business, education, universities.

    More About the Clearview Infinity

    Our main objective was to give your printer an unobstructed view from any angle. At the same time, our enclosures offer easy access with a magnetically latched front door and a cable port to route all your connections. Last, there is a fitted port for your power supply unit to use cool exterior air. This extends the longevity of your printer.

    We also have adapted options for our Carbon Air Scrubbing filter and vibration dampening feet. Both do as they suggest. The Carbon Air Scrubbing Filter uses a silent fan to pass air through a carbon filter to reduce fumes created from the 3D printing process. Especially if you are printing ABS, you will want to include that option. Our Vibration Dampening Feet use a multi material lamination that dissipates vibrations at 5 different levels. If you are printing in an area where printing noise needs to be reduced, this is an essential addition to your 3D printing setup.

    If you are looking for the Panels only we have set up an option for the panels only. We will supply you with a printable STL file for the parts when your order is submitted. That way you can pick the color you wish.


    3D printer enclosure filter

    ✅ Standard Duty or Commercial Grade - Standard duty uses 1/8" thick panels and is not strong enough to be stackable. Commercial Grade uses heavy duty 1/4" thick panels on all sides for a stronger enclosure and is strong enough to be stackable.
    ✅ Awesome Performance - Clear Plexiglass is a durable, optically clear plastic that creates the perfect printing environment for 3D printer.
    ✅ Reduce noise, smell, and fumes that are part of 3D printing. This creates a healthier, cleaner working environment.
    ✅ - SMALL BUSINESS OWNED AND MADE IN THE USA - We are an appreciative of your support and offer great service to make sure you are happy. Our enclosures come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Built by 3D printer enthusiast for 3D Printer enthusiasts.


    Need more information on printing with enclosures? Check these links:

    Q & A


    Can I stack my enclosures?

    This is an advanced option. With the thicker, 1/4" commercial grade panels Yes. 

    What is your return Policy?

    We have a 30 day return policy. Unused, undamaged panels that still have the masking fully attached are eligible for a full refund less return shipping. If panels are damaged (after shipment) or the protective mask layer has been removed, we cannot offer a refund. For best results in ensuring fitment and to ensure you like the setup of our enclosures consider at least partially assembling with the mask on. If you find out it isn't for you, this allows to get the return for a full refund.


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