XTool D1 Laser Enclosure v1.2 update kit


Free shipping code: "D1UPGRADE"

The D1 Enclosure update includes 2 most requested updates from our Xtool users and an extra improvement. We've minimized the cost and included shipping for this upgrade to everyone who has previously purchased their enclosures. We are appreciative people and we work hard to make sure you get a greart product.

For those that 3D print at home we have published the parts to DIY from home with a few prints and 2 3/8"x12" wood dowels. This will allow you to upgrade for free. Here is a link to download the STL files for the parts

Some info on the Updates:

1) Lid Kickstand The kickstand props up the lid on each side. The legs secure into place when propped up to the magnets on the lid. Then they down away on the sides of the machine out of the way. Best of all, these install easily in about 2 minutes using mounting tape.

2) High Flow Exhaust bracket - This bracket has a more optimal air flow for more exhaust capacity. Your enclosure may already have this update. We're sending one out so you have an extra in case.

3) Side skirts - These side skirts seal up the large media ports on the 3 sides of enclosure base. These snap in and can easily be removed if you need to open them up with large media. When in place these greatly improve the exhaust efficiency by creating negative pressure in the enclosure. 

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