Additional Services

We are a full fabrication shop with a quality toolset to get your build done right.

CNC Routering & CNC Machining

Clearview offers high quality CNC routing and laser cutting services. We work many file types and can help get your design digitized for production. CNC routing is a fast and efficient way to get accurate cuts with a quality finish.

Plastic, Wood, and Urethane Fabrication

Clearview offers custom fabrication services on wood, plastics, and cast urethanes. From single prototypes to production runs, we love making fabricated parts. Fabrication includes heat bending, solvent bonding, edge finishing (sanding, buffing, flame polishing), drilling, heat welding and even digital printing. Our team regularly produces parts for recreational equipment, POP displays, food plant conveyor systems and office signage

3D printing and Rapid Prototyping

We use commercial grade 3D printers to develop accurate, high quality, parts from PETG, ABS, Polycarbonate, and many other plastics. Need 3D modeling done? We can help develop a finished 3D cad model with professional renderings and dimensions.
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