From Snowboards to Protective barriers.

During the Pandemic starting in March of 2020, we had to make a decision in a looming shutdown.

My name is Neil Henderson and I’m just a guy that found a way to help protect people in the looming health crisis. I own a snowboard factory in Rocklin, California and founded Clearview when we saw the need from businesses to protect their employees and customers from spreading a serious pandemic.

As we see our way through and after this crazy health crisis passes, I've shifted our way. Building World class skis and Boards is my passion, but I've found some new and exciting skills in the world of 3D Cad design and Manufacturing. 

I see the world differently...

I have found that the years of designing and building boards have given me a different eye. While designers find the easiest and shortest way, I create on an artistic level, brining curves and lines that pragmatic designers would overlook because they focus on efficiency and economy.

My focus bring in an aesthetic that  teases the eye, changes one's thinking, goes the extra mile, creates differentiation, all with purpose. My designs are unapologetic and seeks not what others have done, but what hasn't been done.

My name is Neil Henderson, and I have an addiction to product design.

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