Ventilation and Exhaust Fans
Clearview's Ventilation and exhaust fans are specifically designed for laser engravers and 3d Printers. With 2 air capacity levels to choose from, pick the level of air flow that you need. These exhaust fans mount directly to the panel of...
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USB Camera for Laser Engraver/3D printer
Camera and mount kit for laser engravers using lightburn and 3d printers using octoprint If you are running a laser or 3d printer, you know the importance of watching over the print in case something goes wrong, or worse yet...
3D Printer Carbon Air Filter
Clearview's Carbon filter is the perfect way to deodorize air where it matters most. Carbon filters, or also known as Charcoal filters work by scrubbing passing air and absorbing fumes, smells, and other nuisance from off gassing. Our Carbon filter...
3D Printer Filtered Chamber heater kit
Chamber Heater parts kit for 3D printers running Klipper - Voron, Ratrig, Creality, PrusaFor those wanting to print with advanced materials in an enclosure, sometimes you want to be able to heat your enclosure to get a better printing environment...
Universal LED Lighting kit for 3D printesr, Laser Engraver, and Desktop CNC enclosures
Please allow 7 business days for us to ship your lighting kit as we ramp production.   Universal LED lighting kit for 3D printer enclosures, Laser engravers, Desktop 3D printers and other corner mount solutions. USB powered LED light strip. Compatible...
Cleaview enclosures 6th base panel addon
This 6th base panel addon can be combined with your 3D printer enclosure order.
Reverse Bowden Kit for 3D printers - High Temp ASA
The Reverse bowden tube kit includes a panel mount spool holder, 24" of bowden tube, 2 press fit tube fittings, and a frame mount that is compatible with the prusa i3. This is an easy to setup kit that requires that...
Clearview 5kg 3D printer spool holder Enclosure
Clearview's Print farm spool enclosure is designed to hold "plus sized spools up to 5kg in weight. For those looking for a commercial grade solution with a design )that won't affect your print quality because of the heavy weight) this enclosure...
Silent Pads Pro - Dampening Pads for 3D printers - Black
Our Silent Pads Pro use 5 laminated materials to balance and reduce harmonic vibration. This results in less sound transmitting from your printer. Setup is minimal. Just slip them under your printers existing feet. This is ideal for those who...
XTOOL Extension Grid SVG
We set up a grid file fitted for your Xtool D1 Laser Engraver that has the extension installed for download. These are SVG files that will port into lightburn or Laserbox.
Xtool grid SVG FREE
We set up a grid file fitted for your Xtool D1 Laser Engraver for download. These are SVG files that will port into lightburn or Laserbox
Enclosure Panel Mod Charge
Add this item to  your cart along with the enclosure if you have prearranged a modification to your enclosure. This one time charge is for changing machine files to process your modification
Laser Engraver Acrylic Panels - Clear
Clearview is the leading manufacturer of laser engraving enclosures. We have many users who prefer to make their own enclosure. As one maker to another, we support that.  With our enclosure we have access to specialized materials like our laser...
Laser Engraver Lift kit - High Temp ASA
This lift kit is 4 corner pieces that are fitted to nest with the laser engraver feet. These lifting blocks raise up your laser and enclosure to get 1 inch of additional Clearance.
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