Silent Pads Pro - Dampening Pads for 3D printers

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Our Silent Pads Pro use 5 laminated materials to balance and reduce harmonic vibration. This results in less sound transmitting from your printer. Setup is minimal. Just slip them under your printers existing feet. This is ideal for those who are 3D printing in apartments or need to reduce sound transmission in their homes.

How Do Silent Pads Work?

How our Silent Pads work is by using materials with multiple durometers and densities to isolate vibrations. Each material absorbs different vibrations at a different pitch. As these harmonic vibrations bounce back and forth (which creates noise) each of the 5 materials will absorb and counteract the vibrating frequency to create an overall more subdued print noise.

How did we come up with this?

We see things differently. Our expertise comes from the sporting Goods industry in making skis and snowboards. A lot of effort circles around dampening materials to prevent vibrations hitting variable terrain for an improved ride. That knowledge has transferred over to the Silent Pad line of dampening feet.


Sizing and tech info

Diameter: 2.25 inches x .5" inches tall (6.35cm x 1.27cm tall)

Setup: Simply Slip them under your printers existing feet

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