Clearview helps STEAM programs implement 3D printing

STEAM education programs
Clearview Plastics is focused on helping Schools, Libraries, and other education programs implement 3D design and and 3D printing into their curriculum. We have developed a getting started guide to help you get the right hardware, plan a project, and maintain your hardware for future reliability.
Getting the Right Hardware 
3D printing is somewhat in its infancy, but it is evident and obvious that the skills practiced in 3D printing will be in demand in the future. Being in an early generation it is worth considering which hardware will perform with reliability. We think we understand which hardware has reliability for the classroom environment. We've tinkered, we've printed, we've used this hardware extensively. We also understand there needs to be reliability to keep the lesson on pace so students stay engaged. Let us help you make an independent decision on your hardware purchase and setup for a reliable and productive program that will last.
Plan a project The amazing thing about 3D printing is we believe it implements each of the STEAM disciplines in a way that can be fun for a wide variety of personal interests. Current day environments give students access to many computers, but there is a bottleneck of having one single printer that takes time to create a design. We have awesome ideas on how to implement a project that simulates real life workplace planning and creates a team environment.
Maintenance and Upgrades
3D printers need maintenance, both preventative and things can go wrong. We've dealt with this and we understand different hardware profiles. We can help your STEAM program maintain and fix your 3D printer hardware to assure it is ready to use for the long term.
If you need help implementing 3D printing into your STEAM program, let's connect. We can offer guidance that isn't backed by sales motives. At the same time we offer products and services that support 3D printing. We can inform you on how and when our services might fit with your program.
For a consultation you can reach out to Neil Henderson - Owner and Head Designer at Clearview. contact at or call 916-524-3235
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