Northern California 3D printing and Design

Clearview Plastics offers professional 3D printing services with capacity for high volume and fast lead times. We are  a skilled crew that can help you from design to product faster, easier, and may not be possible with traditional manufacturing methods. Additionally, we offer a variety of printable materials so that you can get the performance you need.

We operate a 3D printing array in Sacramento California and ship worldwide. 

Here are the types of printing we offer:

  • FDM printing
  • Multi Color/Material FDM Printing
  • SLA printing

Here are the types of materials we can print:

  • ABS Filament
  • PLA Filament
  • PET Filament
  • PETG Filament
  • PETT Filament
  • Nylon Filament
  • PVA Filament (Water Solvent)
  • Sandstone Filament
  • Wood Filament
  • Metal Filament
  • HIPS Filament
  • Magnetic Iron Filament
  • Conductive Filament
  • Carbon Fiber Filament
  • TPE Filament
  • TPU Filament
  • Glow in the Dark Filament
  • Amphora Filament
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