The high performance enclosure project is under development (yes it is developing the concept of the development project😂). This project's basis is to design an enclosure addon kit for Clearview enclosures.

This is an advanced development open source project to develop a higher function enclosure to get specific results in printing.

Example Project Outcomes

  • High temp enclosure to print high performance materials such as ABS, PEEK, PEKK and similar sensitive filaments
  • Environmentally sealed enclosures to contain fumes in a sensitive area such as a lab or cleanroom.
  • Fully contained fume management to prevent contamination in or outside of the enclosure to reduce health risks or other contamination.


We hope to develop:

  • A fully sealed enclosure system that can be done as a DIY mod or as an addon to our enclosures. 
  • A way to regulate temperature or heat the enclosure in a way that will still allow the printer to function as intended
  • A way to offer measurable air quality and filtering affects.

In the end, this will serve a variety of industries. From public institutions assuring a safe print environment, to science labs keeping their labs free of contamination, and engineering firms getting finite conditions to create strong accurate prints. We'll be excited to co develop this with you. If you are interested in taking part of this project, please reach out to

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