Carbon Air filter exhaust system for Bambu Labs X1C P1P

Filter Type :

Clearview's Carbon filter is the perfect way to deodorize air where it matters most. Carbon filters, or also known as Charcoal filters work by scrubbing passing air and absorbing fumes, smells, and other nuisance from off gassing.

Our Carbon filter Uses a silent fan runs at about 16.8 decibels and has an average life expectancy of 67,000 hours. This filter is specifically tailored to fit to our 3D printer enclosures .

The USB interface is plug and play so if you have a different printer or a different enclosure, our filter will work great. With a different enclosure you the filter can simply be set inside to recirculate and continuously clean the air. Or, If you wish to mount your filter, you can simply set up mounting holes spaced at 105mm apart in a square pattern.

Our Carbon/Charcoal filter will work great with other uses too. Small grow rooms or grow tents are perfect ways to use our filters, especially when you need a silent filter that doesn't create noise.

We produce these Carbon Filters right in Sacramento California. Clearview is a small, family owned business. When you shop with us you support small business and we are appreciative of that. We are here to help you from day 1 with gratitude. - Neil

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