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Our Creality CR-10 Smart Pro enclosure is a tailor fit solution to create an optimal print environment that improves printer performance, reduces dust, and is a great addition to your maker space. We've taken no short cuts and pulled all the best ideas we've developed for this premium machine.

The generous size has accounted for Ceality's new design spec. With our enclosure, you can mount your display outside the enclosure, the stock spool holder can be used with a supplied bracket, and the filament sensor easily connects thorough a protective grommet. All this is very plug and play and is done without the need for hard machine modification. 

Main Features:

  • PRINTING ENVIRONMENT - A dustless, self heated chamber for better printer performance.

  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY - Screw together design that assembles in minutes.

  • ACCESS DOOR - A generously sized, hinged door with 3D printed magnetic door stops.

  • FILAMENT PORT - A wide filament feed through port for optimal performance.

  • CABLE MANAGEMENT - A wide rubber grommet allows wiring to pass through neatly.

  • STACKABLE DESIGN - Stack 2 or 3 enclosures high to give your print farm a great look.

Each print enclosure is designed and built in house in Sacramento California by people that understand 3D printing and are skilled to make your printing experience great.

✅ XL SIZE - 21" wide x 26" Tall x 29.5" deep Tailor fit measurements specifically for the Smart Pro and the new Cable system. This printer absolutely needs the extra depth we've built in or it will reduce the life of your print bed heater cable.
✅ Commercial Grade - The larger size needs extra strength. We use 1/4" panels for sturdy, professional feel. 1/8" panels are not available on this model as they are not durable enough.
✅ Plexiglass or Polycarbonate - Plexiglass has is a great that is optically clear with a sturdy feel. Or, upgrade to Polycarbonate which has a higher heat resistance, is bullet resistant, and will not break if dropped. 
✅ Reduce noise, smell, and fumes that are part of 3D printing. This creates a healthier, cleaner working environment.
✅ - SMALL BUSINESS OWNED AND MADE IN THE USA - We are an appreciative of your support and offer great service to make sure you are happy. Our enclosures come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Built by 3D printer enthusiast for 3D Printer enthusiasts.

Who We've Worked With

3d printer enclosures for business, education, universities.

More About the Clearview Infinity Enclosure

Our main objective was to give your printer an unobstructed view from any angle. At the same time, our enclosures offer easy access with a magnetically latched front door and a cable port to route all your connections. Last, the side access door is perfectly placed to access the USB port and power switches.

We also have adapted options for our Carbon Air Scrubbing filter and vibration dampening feet. Both do as they suggest. The Carbon Air Scrubbing Filter uses a silent fan to pass air through a carbon filter to reduce fumes created from the 3D printing process. Especially if you are printing ABS, you will want to include that option. Our Vibration Dampening Feet use a multi material lamination that dissipates vibrations at 5 different levels. If you are printing in an area where printing noise needs to be reduced, this is an essential addition to your 3D printing setup.

We offer a a black/white color option for the brackets and fittings for your printer. With your purchase, we also offer STL access to these files so that you can print these fittings in the colors you want. ADDITIONALLY, with your purchase, we also offer the STL files of future attachments and accessories for your enclosure. If we come up with a mod, you get access to it for free!

This makes a great gift for the 3D printing tinkerer within your friends or family.
If you've had problems with parts adhering to the print bed, warping, bad smell, noise, or dust; a Printer enclosure is the right answer for you.

While 3d Printing is a fun, productive activity, do note there are nascence factors.
-It can be loud if you are printing at home.
-Drafts of air or changes in temperature can lead to warping, print issues, and poor adhesion to the print surface.
-You are working with molten plastics that are known to release VOCs into the air that contain chemicals that are unhealth especially for kids.

Our Prusa 3D printer enclosure is the perfect compliment for setting up a safe, productive 3D printing environment with a great look. This printer enclosure includes all the parts you need to assemble (it takes about 30 minutes and we provide instructions) to work with your existing Prusa i3 mk2 or later 3d Printer. The front door access provides generous room to access your print bed and printer control panel. We also include a specialized rubber grommet to fit your power cable and USB into the enclosure. Last, we include PETG parts and hardware for final assembly so you can get printing!


Need more information on printing with enclosures? Check these links:



Optional Accessories:

Our Filter Technology is the difference that makes the difference. 

Many other filters simply use a charcoal coated Scotchbrite pad. This has little real affect and very limited useful life.  Our filters use real charcoal media that has much higher filtering capacity and life.

Recirculating Carbon Hepa filter - Our newest addition to the Clearview line. Our recirculating Hepa/carbon filter uses a replaceable Hepa Prefilter to keep microplastics in while the carbon media works to neutralize the  air from fumes and smells that occur in  3d printing. 

Hi Capacity Carbon Filter - Our Carbon filter is a low pressure system that is designed to create a small amount of negative pressure in the enclosure to exhaust the air. A replaceable 500g carbon media capsule has 300 to 400 hours of use. Additionally it is washable and replaceable.

18" LED lighting kit - Our brightly lit LED kit comes with 2 -  corner mount aluminum channels, easy to connect DC wiring, and a 120v plug. The corner mount aims the lighting at an angle to optimally llight up your work surface. They mount easily with pre mounted adhesive to the corners of the enclosure.

**BONUS** as the 3d print world changes, so does our enclosure. We'll give you access to download stl updates to our parts database. This allows you to print updates addons, and mods for free!



What is your return Policy?

We have a 30 day return policy. Unused, undamaged panels that still have the masking fully attached are eligible for a full refund less return shipping. If panels are damaged (after shipment) or the protective mask layer has been removed, we cannot offer a refund. For best results in ensuring fitment and to ensure you like the setup of our enclosures consider at least partially assembling with the mask on. If you find out it isn't for you, this allows to get the return for a full refund.

There are some differences between your product pictures. 

We update these often and as a small business it isn't realistic to do a fresh photoshoot for every iteration. In general function is always constant or better as we improve things. For the clearest indication of our current version, please rely on the renderings rather than the photos.

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