Ratrig V-Core 3 3D printer Enclosure panels kit for 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm


Enclosure panels for Rat Rig vcore 3 - 3mm or 6mm clear acrylic panels for 300mm, 400mm, or 500mm 3d printers. 

Our Rat Rig VCore 3 Enclosure panel sets are CNC cut panels of clear transparent Polycarbonate in 3mm or 6mm thickness. These are cut to the dimensions and specifications from Rat Rig. We cut our panels on a professional quality cnc router with professional cutting hardware. Additionally, we use a premium grade polycarbonate with UV stabilizers so they won't crack or haze over time. Last, we deburr and soften the edges for a full finish quality.

This listing is for the Polycarbonate panels only. When buying Rat Rig's enclosure or printer the acrylic panels are not included. They tell customers to self source the panels. That is the purpose of this listing. The printer, enclosure frame, and hardware are not included. Please Note, RR images use tinted panels, we are offering panels in clear only.

Notes on the New Vcore 3 Enclosure version2.0

  • All panels use Clear Polycarbonate (electronics panel is always 3mm)
  • We are cutting the new panel layout option starting 9/25/22.
  • Solid panels are recommended (unless you have specific need for split panels)
  • Electronics panel is plain layout (you'll need to drill for electronics and RPI holes)



Ratrig's new enclosure version 2.0 has two options for cutting your panels. We can either cut them in full size or we can cut them to be split into smaller sizes.  (Smaller sizes is for users with smaller CNC routers. We suggest to select the solid panels unless you have specific need for split panels.) If you pick the 6mm build the electronics panel will be 3mm as guidelined from the Rat Rig user group on facebook.

About Clearview: Neil Henderson here, Head Designer and Owner at Clearview Plastics and Composites. My shop is a artisan/craftsman fabrication shop located in Sacramento California. Pre pandemic I owned a artisan brand of Wakeboards, skis and snowboards that we build here in California. The shutdown shifted us into plastics production. My contrarian roots always has me looking for interesting niche hobbies and building products for that activity. Its fun! I developed Clearview "infinity enclosures" to enclose other 3D printers like Prusa, Creality, and we even make specialized 3D printer enclosures for scientific labs and universities. Clearview is my fulltime job and we specialize in building stuff for 3D printers. I've geeked on 3D printing enough to know. With that in mind, you get a more dialed, professional product that comes from the mind of a person that understands 3D printing.

Our Rat Rig Enclosure panel kits are made to order. Our work queue varies, but most orders head out the door in 5 business days or less. If we need some additional time to make your order we'll connect with an updated estimate.

If you are getting a Rat Rig, you already know why you are getting an enclosure, but here are a few details:

✅We build our enclosures with 3mm and 6mm panels. Rat Rig's build suggests 4mm, but that is not available in the USA. 3mm is documented to work fine. However 6mm panels will get your a much nicer, professional feel and better heat retention. When ordering a 6mm kit your electronics panel comes in 3mm thickness because 6mm won't fit correctly. Also, if ordering 3mm

What is your return Policy?

We custom cut these panels for the RatRig. Sorry, but all sales are final. 

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